The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - What to Bring

II. What to Bring

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What To Bring

One of the nice things about visiting Tijuana is that you need to bring very little. The one thing you want to make sure you bring is official identification. If you want the least amount of hassle, you can bring your US Passport, but it is not required, any state driver's license will do. A Visa is not required unless you plan to travel far south into Mexico.

All of the escorts carry condoms, plus they are available in the hotels along with lube which most girls also carry. Condom use is standard and generally enforced by a majority of the girls. I highly discourage bareback sex (sex without a condom) with any escort. ClubHombre has a vast section on Men's Health and Safe Sex for those seeking more information.

Obviously, you'll want to make sure you bring enough money to have a good time and get back and perhaps an ATM card just in case. But if you do decide to carry your debit card, make SURE you read the section on crime and scams. There is no need to change your dollars into pesos. Some veterans might recommend it as a strategy to bargain better prices, but for me it's just a hassle and not worth it to save a few dollars, especially not for newbie trips.

Here is a generous budget to help plan on how much money to bring. If you read the rest of the guide, you should see that you should be spending less than what is quoted here.

US Parking: $7
Taxi: $12 ($6 each way)
Bar Girls: $72 each ($60 girl/$11 hotel/$1 tip per 30 minutes)
Street Girls: $30 each ($25 girl/$5 hotel per 20 minutes)
Drinks for you: $4 each (~$3 + $1 tip)
* Drinks for Bar Girls: $8 each (~$7 + $1 tip)

* Buying drinks for the girls is completely optional and price may vary. They'll usually order beer, but if she orders straight hard liquor or Red Bull, the price can go up to $11 for the drink alone.

So, a basic trip to Tijuana where you sampled a bar girl and a street girl might run you around $140, bring $20-$30 more so you can drink more freely and tip dancers or use the scale above if you want to do more girls.

Money and ID, that's all you really need for TJ.

What NOT To Bring

Do not bring or buy drugs. Do not bring or buy weapons, including pocket knives and pepper spray. There is some debate on whether pepper spray can be legally carried or not, but in my personal opinion, carrying it poses more risk rather than less.

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