The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - Street Girls

V. Street Girls

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Street Girls

Around the corner from Adelitas, Constitution and Callejon Coahuila (the alley) form a "T" where most of the street girls stand. Most of them will be leaning against the wall, although some will come out and stand on the other side of the sidewalk. If you walk on the sidewalk within arm's reach, it's practically guaranteed that your shirt will be grabbed at least once by a street girl that wants your business. Many guys don't mind, but I do so I usually walk in the street when in the alley.

Street girls are usually much less inclined for conversation and may get quickly direct about going upstairs if you start to engage them in one. At a minimum, you'll want to get a price quote before going to their hotel of choice, and it's highly recommended that you discuss specifics of the act. Standards for street girl sessions can be much lower with many reports of girls refusing blowjobs, refusing to take their tops off, or doing other things you might expect without the payment of additional money.

A standard price will probably be between $15-$25 with some reports of girls accepting as low as $10 or asking for as much as $30. You might also be quoted "extra" prices, such as $10 to include a blowjob or $5 to fondle tits.

Once you have an agreement, she'll lead you to a nearby hotel, they all have their own favorites and she will usually be standing by it. The price for the hotel will be less at $5, but the time period is only 15-20 minutes. The hotel facilities will often be of much lower quality as well, with some of the rooms having no running water.

I personally have few experiences with street girls. With the exception of the price advantage, I tend to find them below my personal standards in terms of looks, dress, personality, and service. On any given night I can usually find a decent number of club girls that I am attracted to, but I rarely see more than one or two street girls that I am attracted to, and usually can't find any, and it's not for lack of trying.

Many people swear by them, though, so they are a good option for some people. You'll probably save a lot of money by going the street girl route and having good experiences by finding a few good gems. I have had a few good ones, they are out there.

Porker put out a pretty good guide on street girl pricing, check it out by searching for Porker trip reports.

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