The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - One Page Summary

IX. One Page Summary

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Forget about printing out the whole guide, if you want to keep tips with you, this page is all you'll need.

Make sure you have valid photo ID and enough money, at least $140 if you want to sample a bar girl and a street girl, but preferably more just in case. It's better to have more money than you need rather than not enough. Your own condoms aren't required but recommended.

Take the I-5 or I-805 South until shortly before the border and get off at the freeway exit labeled "Camino de la Plaza - Last USA Exit and Parking", right after "San Ysidro Blvd". If you miss it, get into the far left lane to make a U-turn. Park at either lot for $7 and walk south through two sets of turnstiles to the taxi pickup. Say "Adelitas for $5" and hop in when you get a confirmation. Tips are optional, no more than $1 if you do.

Find a girl you like in the Adelita Bar or Chicago Club and try to establish a little rapport before taking them upstairs. Don't feel bad about turning girls down, it's business and they are used to it. Expect to pay $40-$70 for a bar girl plus $11 for the room for 30 min. You can save money or possibly get better service by negotiating beforehand with the girl. $1 for an extra towel and $1 tip afterwards to the room cleaners is optional, but recommended.

The streets are generally safe, but still stay alert and avoid all strangers. Food at stands and restaurants should be fine, but it's better to wait if you haven't eaten outside of the US before or are concerned about it at all. Don't go to any massage parlors. Visiting some of the other bars is OK, but you're probably better off leaving them for future trips when you are more comfortable with the basic scene.

If you want to try a street girl, turn right after exiting Adelitas and make another right at the corner and you'll find them standing along both sides of this street (Constitution). You'll also find them lining both sides of a small street leading off to the right. Prices are less at $10-$30 plus $5 for the room for 15 min. Negotiation is more important as some may want more money to remove their tops or give blowjobs.

Do not get into a fight. Do not do or buy drugs. Do not bring or buy weapons, including pocket knives and pepper spray.

When you are ready to leave, find a driver and say "$5 for the border". Get in when you receive the confirmation.

Hand your identification over at the inspection booth and answer any questions calmly and seriously. Never joke around with the agents. The most common questions they'll ask are:
1. What is your citizenship?
2. What are you bringing back?
3. What was the purpose of your visit?
4. Where were you born?
5. Where do you live?

Exit the building to your right and walk up the ramps and across a bridge that will lead back to the lots near where you entered. Get into your car and pay the attendant if you have not already paid and you'll have made a successful trip to Tijuana!

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