The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - Introduction

I. Introduction

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Little did I know of the sexual oasis next door as I grew up in San Diego. My first introduction to Tijuana was in high school, but at the time TJ was just a place where you could drink as young as 16 with the assistance of an unofficial California ID card you could purchase at a photo shop downtown. We would cruise Revoluccion on a weekly basis, stopping in different clubs up and down the block drinking beer and shooting poppers. At the time I knew of rumors of sex for sale, but I was never really interested in the "filthy whores of questionable gender in dusty corners" that were surely hidden nearby. Who would be so desperate to look for that?

It wouldn't be until after college and the growth of the Internet that my curiosity would peak about hobbying in TJ. Ironically, an insanely jealous girlfriend with a volatile temper drove me to search for a bar called Adelitas. She had asked me to accompany her into Tijuana while she ran some errands, then insulted me for being useless because I was tired after coming off of a long term illness (likely stemming at least in part by putting up with her rabid temper for months). I walked out of her car in the middle of traffic and never looked back. I fell asleep on a bench for an hour of so before taking off to find out what Adelitas was about.

With no address and being too embarrassed to ask for assistance, I can only credit fate with bringing me to the entrance of Adelitas after about an hour of searching. I was blinded by the darkness of the bar after crossing the red curtain from the bright sunlight, but as my eyes adjusted to the dim surroundings, so did my youthful preconceptions fade. Curvaceous figures formed around me. Many were provocatively dressed as expected, but others appeared not much unlike the girls I lusted after in high school and college. There were older and overweight figures here and there, but many more were slim, vibrant, and youthful. All of them were friendly and wanted to be with me, but I had neither the money nor energy to do anything that day. I thought about how my life was going to change as I rode home on the trolley.

Fast forward 5 years and over 350 Tijuana girls later, and I've traveled for sex in six additional countries with plans to travel to many more as time and money permit. Despite enjoying myself more in Thailand(2x), the Philippines(2x), Cambodia(1x), Brazil(2x), and Argentina(2x), I still frequent and enjoy Tijuana. Although some people have interpreted postings I've made as a slam on Tijuana, an unbiased reading of them will reveal those claims to be shallow. I do prefer other experiences I've had in other countries and I'm not shy about comparing and contrasting them to each other, but Tijuana is still a good convenient place to get laid and is a much better value than both legal and illegal hobbying taking place in the United States.

My target audience is the visitor that is new or relatively new to Tijuana. What will follow is a beginner's guide that I've tried to make as comprehensive as possible without going into details that I consider relevant for more regular and veteran visitors. For that kind of information I recommend the ClubHombre site.

Some of what I post in this guide may be controversial or debatable. It should be kept in mind that this guide reflects my own personal experiences, interpretations, opinions, and strategies. My qualifications are posted right above. Anyone that disagrees is free to do so, but anyone that wants to make uncivil arguments would be better off writing their own guide. Constructive criticism is appreciated as I hope to keep this beginner's guide updated. Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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