The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - Brothel Bars

IV. Hobbying Bars

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While there are a number of bars in Tijuana where you may find girls willing to have sex for money, this guide will only cover two, Adelita Bar and Chicago Club. All girls working out of AB and CC are willing escorts, while some of the other bars have anywhere from a few to a majority of "ficheras", girls who only work for tips from dances and commissions they receive from drinks bought by their customers. For beginners, or people such as myself who do not care to sift through the ficheras and escorts, I recommend sticking to these two bars.

Adelita Bar

The Adelita Bar is the larger and more popular of the two. From the outside you'll see a few male employees hanging outside, one with a clipboard to track the comings and goings of the girls. You're likely to see couples walking to and from the bar entrance to a set of stairs to the right. These stairs lead to the Hotel Coahuila, the standard hotel to do business from AB. In the evening and sometimes the day, you may see anywhere from a few to a large crowd of guys standing in front of the entrances, casually observing who comes and goes. A number of taxi drivers will also be standing in front.

Once past the red curtains, you'll be facing a dance floor raised one step above the ground with a silver dancer's pole three quarters towards the back of the stage. Red booths surround the dance floor and are scattered throughout the rest of the bar. The main bar is along the right wall past the girls bathroom and in front of smaller dance floor in the back right corner. A second bar lies to the left of the main dance floor, to the right of another small dance floor against the left wall, and in front of the guy's bathroom in the back right corner. A big screen TV will be straight ahead along the back wall.

Adelitas opens sometime in the late morning, but there are usually no girls until after noon. A decent crowd will probably not form until two or three in the afternoon. The bar will not close until around five or six in the morning.

Chicago Club

The entrance to Chicago Club is a small hallway with red curtains near the back. Like AB, Chicago will have the clipboard guy and the taxi drivers, but usually fewer in number. The steps leading up to Hotel Jalos, Chicago Club's hotel, are to the immediate left of the entrance. Hidden from view from the outside, is a small coat and purse check for the girls to the left as you enter. The guy in here also sells gum and candy. Past the red curtains you'll find a room less than half the size of the Adelita Bar. You'll enter alongside the left wall in front of an alcove with a raised step and some bar stools. The main bar will be directly in front of you set back into the left side of the room while a smaller bar will be to your immediate right. A raised dance floor similar to Adelitas will be slightly back and to your right with red booths circling the stage. Along the back wall from left to right is a back room, the girls' bathroom, then the guys' bathroom.

Chicago also opens in the day, but is primarily a late evening bar. Very few girls and customers will probably be in before 3pm, and a good crowd usually won't form until at least nine or ten at night. CC closes earlier at three or four in the morning.

When To Go

Both AB and CC are open every day of the year EXCEPT on an election day when bars are not allowed to serve alcohol, which may vary but will usually be posted on ClubHombre. Fridays and Saturdays have the best selection, but are also the most crowded. Personally I hate dealing with the weekend crowds. My favorite day is Thursday followed by Sunday, but I'll also go Monday through Wednesday. Fight nights are bad nights to go in my opinion as that when the bars are the most crowded. Selection takes a big hit when Christmas rolls around as most girls will go home to their families, but there will always be some around. Easter takes a small hit, but not like Christmas.

Getting Laid

The procedure is simple, find a girl you like, then say "Let's go". Even if she doesn't speak any English, she'll understand what you want. You may want to confirm the price if she doesn't tell you explicitly, but expect to pay $40-$60 in Adelitas or $50-$60 in Chicago plus $11 for the room. Some girls may try to charge you $70 or $80, so agreeing on a price beforehand is probably a good idea. Chicago girls will usually grab their purses and a coat if it's cold before heading upstairs, Adelitas girls keep their purses at the hotel desk. The guy at the hotel desk will then collect the $11 fee for the room, and hand over a towel and a condom. You may want to ask for a second towel, although the guy may expect a $1 tip. It's worth it. The girl will then lead you to the room indicated by the front desk or other hotel staff.

The rooms are somewhat small, usually consisting of little more than a bed. Hotel Jalos (Chicago Club) rooms have a television with porno. Most girls will request their payment once the door is closed. Payment at this time is debatable, with many regulars insistent on paying at the end of a session or walking out. Payment up front never bothers me, so I won't address it much here.

You'll want to get started relatively quickly, as you'll only have 20-25 minutes before you start receiving knocks on the door. If you've come on a busy night, the knock may even come earlier. At Hotel Jalos, you'll often start receiving calls from the front desk instead of a knock. Anyways, whatever you get, that means that time is running out and you'll want to finish up quickly. They are going to be bothering you more and more if you take any longer.

Most girls will give a covered blowjob and offer a variety of positions, but they are under no obligation to perform any particular act or level of service, so if anything in particular is important to you (like a blowjob) you may want to make that clear in your negotiations up front.

As soon as you come (not when your time is up!) the girl will usually start getting cleaned up. Depending on the hygiene of the girl, this could range anywhere from splashing water on her genitals from the sink, to a full shower. Either way, she's going to want that towel and probably will not leave it in a condition for you to use. You really should clean up as well, which is why a second towel is recommended.

Some girls may ask for a tip, I rarely get asked. Tipping the girls is optional and another debatable issue. Personally I very rarely tip the girls.

The guys standing in the halls will clean up the room, or maybe just make a poor attempt at it. They will definitely ask for a tip. The tip is optional, but I always tip them a $1 even though they occasionally don't deserve it. Supposedly they are not paid and only keep or split the tips.

Getting Laid Better

What's described above is what I see happen at least 80% of the time, but it's not how I operate. If you want better sessions, I recommend paying closer attention to your target, how she responds to others and how she responds to you.

It's usually pretty easy to spot who is more likely to try to satisfy her customer and who is trying to turn around as many as possible. If you see a girl blow off guys that try to talk to her more than a minute, that's usually a bad sign.

Girls that ask if you want to go upstairs before asking your name or how you are doing are usually ones you want to avoid.

I almost always invite the girl to sit down for a drink. It'll usually cost you $8 (more if you sit for a while), but it's a good time to get more information and gauge her response to you.

Physical touch is usually a good sign, the more intimate, the better.

Fast drinking is usually a bad sign, as is ordering more expensive drinks such as straight hard liquor or Red Bull.

There are always exceptions, but the list above should be good for the majority of girls.

If you get a bad feeling about a girl or are simply not interested in one that approaches you, don't feel bad about declining their offer or changing your mind. It's business for the girls and they fully expect it.

Others probably have more and better tips, and I'm not even including a lot of the things I do and look for, but this is a good starting point for beginners. I have a pretty good record at getting good sessions, even at extracting good ones from girls with poor reputations, but the strategy and screening I employ is more of a personal thing and has been developed with experience over the years. If you enjoy Tijuana and want to return with the hope of getting consistently good sessions, your best bet is to pay attention and participate in discussions on sites such as ClubHombre.

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