The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - Food and Drink

VII. Food and Drink

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Food and Drink

You'll likely get hungry during your trip, whether it be between rounds in the bar or coming down the steps from one of the hotels. There are taco stands and restaurants throughout the area where you can grab something to eat. I've heard of very few problems with the food and have never gotten sick myself, but if you have a sensitive stomach at all, it's generally best to watch what you eat in foreign countries. You'll also be able to clearly see that the cleanliness standards may not be the same as what you are accustomed to in the United States.

As for the best restaurant in the immediate vicinity, I think most would agree that it is Al Capone's directly to the right of Chicago Club, but the price is also more expensive.

Another option is to just consume snacks. Occasionally you might see a vendor wandering the bar with an assortment of candy, nuts, and beef jerky that are available for $1 or less. You can also buy candy and nuts inside the guys bathroom in Adelitas, or at the market across the street from the Chicago Club. There are also a number of small stores to buy snacks around if you are cruising the alley for street girls. The markets also have a much wider variety of soft drinks and are available at less than half the price of buying them in the bars.

Never drink water unless it is bottled, and if you believe you might have a more sensitive stomach, order your water and soft drinks without ice. This is standard safe practice in any foreign country.

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