The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - Escorts and Massage Parlors

VI. Escorts and Massage Parlors

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Escorts and Massage Parlors

Forget about escorts and massage parlors. They are available, but they are both much more expensive. Massage parlors in particular have a reputation of inconsistent quality of services.

If you insist on trying them out, or succumb to the LIES of the street hawkers with their promises of more beautiful girls for less money, here is what you'll find out about massage parlors.

You'll likely see at least one attractive girl in a massage parlor lineup, but the $40 or so you'll be quoted will be for the time in the room only. Once upstairs or in the back, you'll likely receive a poor quality and short massage before your girl will start negotiating for extra services. Extras usually run at least $60 for a blowjob and up to $120 for sex, but the prices are negotiable, but the attitude of the girls can turn ugly or sour if you decline or bargain too much. If you do opt for full service, you may be lucky and have a room with a bed, but typically you'll be doing the deed on a small and uncomfortable massage table.

As for escorts, a few have good reputations that they've built up in the bars, but you're usually better off finding them there and paying $50-$60 rather than the $150 they charge to meet you as an escort. The escorts tend to be older and more experienced, which can be good or bad depending on your point of view, but as a newbie you are generally much better off selecting from a full lineup in a bar.

Tons of comments and reviews on escorts and massage parlors are elsewhere on this site.

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