The 21st Century Beginner's Guide to Sex and Escorts in Tijuana, Mexico - Crossing the Border

III. Crossing the Border

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Crossing the Border

Two major freeways lead from San Diego to the main border crossing, Interstate 5 and Interstate 805. Either choice is fine as they will merge together shortly before the border crossing point. If you live in or are staying in San Diego, public transport is also an option, the trolley will drop you on the east side of the freeway near the border crossing exit for people coming into the US. You'll need to cross over a bridge to get to the entrance gates. Bus routes and a trolley map and schedule are available at

The best bet for the beginner traveling in his own car or a rental car is to park just north of the border, walk through the entrance gates, and hail a taxi to the hobbying zone. There are lots on both sides of the freeway, but as a beginner you'll want to park on the right side. The freeway exit you'll want to take is AFTER San Ysidro Boulevard and will be labeled as "Camino de la Plaza - Last USA Exit and Parking".* At the stoplight, you'll see two lots. One immediately to your right, and one straight ahead through the stoplight. My personal preference is to park in the lot ahead as it is closer to the gates, but many people prefer the lot on the right which is well patrolled and more secure. Prices are the same at $7 for 24 hours. The lot to your right you'll pay in advance, the lot ahead you'll pay when you leave, so don't forget to have at least $7 coming back.

* If you miss the exit, get into the far left lane to make a U-turn, otherwise you'll be driving into Mexico.

You'll be able to see the border from either lot. After parking and locking your car, walk towards it. You'll pass the entrance to a bridge on your right before coming to a couple revolving turnstile gates. Once you step through the gates, you'll be in Mexico.

The path will lead straight ahead where it will split with turnstile gates to your front and turnstile gates to your right. Taxis to take you to your destination can be found either way, but the path straight ahead is the main taxi pickup point, is better lit, and is safer. The taxis to the right get less business, so you are more likely to save $1 if you go to the right. As a beginner, I recommend walking straight ahead.

The fare should be $5 to take you to "Adelitas", which should be your first destination. If you look new, the taxi driver may try to quote you a higher fare, so it is probably best to agree on a price beforehand. If a driver over quotes you, simply walk to the next cab. If you want to save a buck, you can try to bargain down to $4 using the same strategy. Tips will probably be asked for if you pay $5 or less, but they are optional and will not change anything about your ride. Personally, I do give a $1 tip as a friendly gesture to the cab drivers.

There is a scam pulled occasionally by some taxi drivers where they tell you the bars are shut down. Unless it is an election day (which you can verify here on this site) they are lying and trying to direct you to a massage parlor where they will receive a commission.

Every time you walk out of Adelita Bar or Chicago Club, you'll likely be asked at least once if you want a taxi. The deal works the same way back, ask for $5 to "The Border". There have been stories of the cabs in front of Adelitas overcharging, but I haven't heard of it happening recently. I still prefer to take the cabs in front of Chicago Club out of habit, but I usually drive. I do not recommend driving for the beginner, but if you are insistent, you can find info on it elsewhere on the site along with tips and precautions.

If traffic is bad or potentially bad, you may see the cab driver looking over his right shoulder, then taking an alternate route. Don't worry if this happens, he's just saving time by avoiding being stuck in a major traffic jam.

There are two drop off points. The first should be the same one where you were picked up if you walked straight ahead. If you get dropped off here, simply walk across the bridge and you'll see the border crossing to enter the US. Better cab drivers, of if you request it, will drop you off just up the street from the crossing so you won't have to walk over the bridge.

If it's busy, you'll see a long single file line leading into the building. If it's really busy, you'll see a complete mess with people cutting and agents trying to maintain order. Taking photos here is a no-no, so make sure you put your cameras away and finish off any food or drink before entering. Just past the doors will be two metal detectors. Your keys and pocket change are fine, but if you have any bags or personal electronics on you, you'll need to feed them through the Xray machine. After the machines and detectors, the line will continue to a point where bars organize the line into small snaking paths directly before the inspection booths.

If you have your passport with you, they may just let you walk through immediately, but usually you'll at least be asked if you are bringing back anything from Mexico. Depending on the agent's mood, you could also be asked the purpose of your visit, where you were born, or anything they really feel like asking. Just be honest with them. If you are uncomfortable with the question about the purpose of your visit, just say you were visiting bars or visiting friends, but they don't really care if you tell them you were checking out escorts. Whatever you do, DO NOT be sarcastic or joke around with them. They can hold you for a long time under the claim that you were acting suspiciously.

If you are with friends, whoever is through first will need to keep walking after passing inspection. Waiting is not allowed inside the building, it must be done outside. As you exit and walk around the corner to your right, you'll see a bridge entrance that looks like the one you saw when you first arrived. You'll want to take this as that is where it leads. When you get back to your car, simply present your ticket at the booth and pay your $7 and you'll have made a successful trip.

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